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    Standart Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4

    Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4
    Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4 is the trusted choice for businesses that need to effectively communicate the strengths of their products and services through clear, informative technical illustrations or diagrams.

    From operation guides and parts catalogs, to schematics, wiring diagrams, assembly instructions, maintenance manuals and architectural presentations, this complete suite allows organizations of any size to create powerful technical graphics—fast!

    Corel Designer TechnicalSuite X4 provides industry-leading file compatibility, including 3D CAD import, while delivering precision tools for illustrating, diagramming, bitmap-to-vector tracing, and professional photo editing. With its optimized workflow, multilanguage support, and easy network deployment, this comprehensive suite is equipped to meet the needs of companies that demand technical design excellence. Corel Designer Technical Suite X4 is a member of the CorelDRAW family of products, leveraging the award-winning design power of that graphics suite and extending it with tools and features tailored to the technical illustration workflow. Complete compatibility between the two suites allows CorelDRAW users to work in Corel Designer Technical Suite X4 with almost no learning curve and facilitates a seamless exchange of ideas and information between workflows and departments.


    NO PASS :
    "Arza hacet yok halim sana ayandır. Dile gerek yok sessizliğim sana beyandır. Söze lüzum yok suskunluğum Sana kelamdır"


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